Jewel is empty now so this is a good time to visit. 5mins queue is pretty shiok

Bacon was crisp but abit dry, shack sauce was basically mayo but Tangier and got some mustard I think. The chopped cherry pepper was fine, luckily there's minimal heat and I heard some people had theirs cold. Overall a passable burger, slightly overpriced

My image of shake shack has always been a decent fast food chain. Finally I had a chance to try at the store in singapore and it didn't change my opinion. If you've never paid for a gourmet burger(>15) before, ofc this is gonna be the best burger you've had. And a lot of people proclaiming that will feed into the hype. So yes it's overhyped, if you really love burgers go get a proper one. Then again can't really blame any place for the hype they generate, they're not responsible for it(the crowd is)