All time favorite YTF place. I absolutely love the sauce which contains meat and mushroom bits. The ingredients range from 40 cents to $2, and you need to have a minimum purchase of at least 6 ingredients. Also, they do not discriminate boiled/fried ingredients - all are fried. The best part of this whole dish are the noodles! The noodles come with the same decadent meat sauce and in thick vermicelli form. They’re delicious and go really well with the ingredients and the chilli sauce provided. Because they recently revamped their menu, they now have an option of small bowl ($2) and big bowl ($2.60) as pictured. Truly some slurpy goodness!
If you think you need some soup, they do sell fishball soup at a separate charge. Their new menu also has fried rice, prawn paste chicken and XO carrot cake. If you’re an old timer, you’d know that they’re pretty famous for their Muar otah with chunky fish too! So prepared to feast with their many options here!😊👍🏻