Resistance is futile. Why have people not put tender chunks of tandoori chicken, a thick layer of oozing mozzarella and mushrooms together in one murtabak before? The best part is how thin and crispy the prata itself is, the most perfect shell for these tasty, tasty fillings. Smother it all in fish curry, and share this between 4 comfortably along with a plaster blaster each. That is how you brunch.

Looking at this makes me almost want to get out of bed and head down now... Almost.
I am so so sorry Jason Wong Veronica Phua , I've made reservations for Tues but looks like I need to change it back to Weds. Pleaseeee tell me you're both still free!!!!
Jayne Tan not a problem!
All good with me too Jayne Tan πŸ˜„
You guys are the sweetest Jason Wong Veronica Phua 😊
Jayne Tan Guess who i bumped into at springleaf right now? Dixon Chan on your recommendation πŸ˜„
Jason Wong yes bro. Plaster blaster was awesome! Didn't know this place existed till now.