Don’t you love it when the skin of your fish is crisp to perfection?
That’s exactly how the sea bass is made; a lovely dish of Lychee Wood smoked sea bass and home-made Laksa Pesto, comes with fennel, fresh green apple and herbs salad drizzled with Young Master Brewery Vinaigrette. Smoky and fresh, this is definitely a beautiful combination you must try!
Brawn Terrine
Pig’s head, spicy pickled vegetable, parsley, charred bread
Here at The Guild, they believe strongly in sustainability and minimising the food waste.
Which is why some of their dishes revolve around the theme of "nose to tail eating". Brawn Terrine is made using pig's head (apparently it contains a high level of collagen too!). Brined for six days and later braised for another six hours, it ensures the meltingly tender texture of the meat. Served with pickled vegetables and charred bread
General Tso’s Frog Legs
Fried frog legs, special sauce.
Inspired by the General Tso’s Chicken - a perennial favourite Chinese dish in the US.
The Guild’s rendition of this famous dish shakes things up by using frog legs instead - which many say “tastes like chicken”! Dredged and deep-fried, each frog leg is generously coated with homemade sauce consisting of chili pesto, orange, ginger and soy. A strangely addictive dish that is sweet-sour and slightly spicy.
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