From left to right
1) Brillat Savarin, Truffles [$14.50/100g] - rich triple cream cheese that is infused with a layer of the highest quality truffles
2) Brie Aux cranberries [$7.50/100g] - a unique combination of Brie de meaux with a cranberry-based mix creamy and light salted
3) Cashel blue [$9.50/100g] - milky and butter yet mild for a blue cheese, without an overpowering flavor

Cold cuts
1) Parma ham

Disappointed with the platting tonight. This is usually my to go place for cheese platters. Thankfully the cheeses tasted better than they looked. Had to ask for the quince paste and honey which was not part of the Platter if you ordered the cheeses separately. The only thing I love abt this place is the type of cracker they serve their cheese with. They do serve bread too!