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Satisfaction guaranteed!! Their crabs are meaty and juicy and finger-licking good!! :-) Especially this crab which is their Crab in Creamy Pumpkin Sauce😋 got this at 2kg for $136. Not sure if it's pricey but definitely worth a try. Got their Chilli crab one too but preferred this sweet and creamy one instead. But whichever you buy, rest assured of the quality of their crabs 👍🏼 meat, meat, and more meat I'll tell you! Do try their signature Hokkien mee as well. Their large plate is really very large so do ask the waitress for clarification of the sizes. All in all, I give this place five crab stars! :-) by far the best place I've eaten for crabs! Do note that you have to come ready to spend. (However, they currently have groupon ongoing now so do buy it as it'll be more worth your $$$)😁

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