Granola is often viewed and branded as a healthy food - but there is often lots of sugar & fats hidden within. Read Proof here -
You might be familiar Grin Affair - selling cakes in jars that promotes desserts made with real food - without all the artificial stuff, with less sugar and oils!

Proof and Pudding continued that ideology and started their very own Ancient Grains Granola, stating every single ingredient that goes into your food! Sweeten and seasoned with coconut oil and coconut palm sugar! Best thing of all? They are sold at affordable prices (5 servings - from $6.50)
Cleverly tying in with their cakes in jar concept, they offer natural pot set yoghurt that is sweetened with organic agave nectar. On top of that, you get to choose the level of sweetness of your preference. Neat eh? These yoghurt parfaits are available from 5 March at their Bishan outlet! Try them out and do some good to your body today!