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Service here takes quite long as they cook only after orders have been taken. I was thankful to have been 5th in line just as the shop opened but service still took about 20min. When I was there, only XO fried rice & egg fried rice was available and only some of their toppings were available, hence do not travel down expecting to try all their dishes.

Egg Fried Rice + Pork Cutlet ($6.50)
Short-grain rice was mixed with onions, spring onions, egg before being topped off with pork cutlet.
Personally, the highlight of the dish would be the fried rice which was very fragrant, aromatic and with strong 'wok-hei' flavour. I love the fact that they used short-grain rice as well.
Chili paste given is very spicy and fragrant; Slightly sweet at the start and very umami throughout. Definitely gives an additional depth of flavour to the dish but the dish is good without.
The pork chop was very meaty, lean and tender. It had lots of flavour and was not overly saltish/seasoned. The meat at the end of my pork chop had a layer of fat as well, making it even more tender.
Overall, the entire dish is sinfully delicious and I could definitely eat at least 2 servings of this for lunch. Just note that this fried rice is really oily and while adding the chili paste provides more flavour to the rice, it can get overly oily.
Price: 6.5/10
Taste: 9/10
Overall: 7/10 (Will eat this again if in the area but will not make a detour for this)

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