Heard all about the new K. Patisserie at Onze; the same building which also houses DESEM Bakery and Sugar & Tease, as well as the ever-popular Beef Sukiyaki Don Keisuke which always sees a queue during the hours that they are open. K. Patisserie is situated within the mall, tucked in a corner not too far from where DESEM Bakery and Sugar & Tease are located. The cafe is pretty moderately-sized, with a small counter facing the patrons on the left displaying the cakes and bakes available for the day upon entry; the space being decked in a pastel pink and white colour scheme with splashes of gold for the furniture and fittings. Being a patisserie, expect a variety of cakes and bakes available here; drinks available includes specialty coffee, tea, as well as a small list of non-caffeinated options such as Chocolate and Mineral Water.

Between the two items that we had, the one that actually set a better impression would be the Passionfruit Meringue Tart. It is the more well-executed one — priced at $8, it is decently sized; what we really enjoyed here is the biscuit-like tart base which crumbles quite neatly as one slices through it. The tart base also holds the passionfruit curd within pretty well; all that while the passionfruit curd remains zingy and tangy. The meringue was actually done pretty well here; fluffy and light whilst being slightly torched without being overly sweet — cuts through the zippy notes for a good balance of flavours. Overall, a pretty satisfying dessert for those looking for something a little sour to refresh the taste buds.

Whilst seeing how they do have quite the hype over social media the last week, the shop was actually empty throughout our visit during the evening around 6:45pm on a Friday night — they do close at 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays so they do make for a decent stopover for dessert after early dinner on those days for somewhere quiet for quality catch ups. Personally felt that the Pulut Hitam Cake could do with a bit slight tweak in the recipe though — could do with a bit more cake, less dry and more sweetness overall to bind the glutinous rice parts and cake elements altogether. Nonetheless, still a fairly decent destination for cake and coffee in the Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood after all.