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We went during opening week, and it was a pleasant enough experience. From our first impression, the Malaysian branch of Tapas Club lands itself in and around the same category as Mercat Barcelona (some great, some good, some mediocre dishes) and a step below Marta's.

The Cerdo Iberico (RM55) was very enjoyable. Lusciously fatty, medium cooked Iberico, dripping wet with fat, paired with some lovely charred brussel sprouts. Which reminds me: burnt brussel sprouts and fish sauce are the best. But any properly cooked brussels are good, really. Very good dish.

The patatas bravas (RM19) wasn't quite as impressive. Nice bite to it (crusty case around a lovely pillowy interior) but a bit lacking in flavour. Hope they tweak this a bit, that texture's a winner.

Cochifrito con Espinacas a la Catallana (deep fried suckling pig with spinach) was RM27 of disappointment though. Very, very dry pig. Very, very salty spinach. Only good point is the spinach didn't have the typical astringent, coarse bite on the tongue. Apart from that? Very disappointing.

Thankfully the gambas alajillo (RM26) was quite good. Nice, crusty bread to go with the prawns. And the prawns themselves were decently plump and juicy, cooked to a perfect doneness. Very rich sauce too - love the sauce.

Looking forward to return and see how they further develop the menu. There's a lot of promise here. Plus the prices aren't too crazy either, considering it's in Pavi!

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