When Neon Pigeon extended an invite for us to come by for brunch, I took a quick glimpse at the menu and saw a Duck Confit Ramen — and I was sold. Specifically at the “foie gras paitan broth”. Their chef very patiently explained how the duck-based dashi was boiled for 8 days, finished with some homemade chicken tare, then served with mushrooms, spring onions, napa cabbage, and the tare-glazed chicken. Took my first sip of the broth and oooooh was it utterly sinful, creamy, rich, and concentrated. It was SOOOOO good. And most importantly, it came piping hot. The noods were qq and bouncy, shrooms and crisp veggies added a lovely crunch, and the chicken had a great char and caramelisation (though it was a tad dry at parts). Now, this was a fan-fucking-tastic bowl of noodles; but it wasn’t a mindblowing bowl of ramen. At least not in the “omg this is so shiok imma pour it down my throat” sorta way. It lacked a little je ne sais quoi that’d make an insane ramen, but that’s not to say this wasn’t good. Cause it was a bloody good bowl of noodles. I will not come here looking for good ramen, but I’d make a trip for this The Duck Confit (I don’t wanna call it a ramen cause it’s in a league of its own) Ramen-not-ramen.