A fancy Indian restaurant with an overall pleasant experience ~~

Murg Makhni (aka butter chicken) with Naan is a MUST-GET at any Indian place & it was truly the my favourite dish of the night!! Although the portion might look small, they are actually quite generous with the chicken chunks and the sauce itself was creamy and rich yet not too overly gelat or no trace of oiliness too :โ€) we got the mixed naan set to share which cake with 6 HUGE pieces of naan (plain / butter / garlic / pudina / cheese / tandoori roti) honestly I couldnt tell the difference in each but I did enjoy the flavoured ones more than the plain naan :-)

Navratarn Korma (aka spiced vegetables) was ok, nothing spectacular. We got the Pani Puri too which was alright HAHAH the dough balls are pretty good but i canโ€™t appreciate the chutney ๐Ÿ˜…