so this concludes my (not so) japanese food week. i stayed in school most of the days and what i had was all canteen food, didnt venture out to go all out jap so yea my apologies! this was what me and my 2 other friends had today! 30 playes of sushi+desserts at Sushi Express. the 8 photos are some of the stuff we ate. anyhoos, firstly imo dont get their miso soup, it sucked. bland and although there were salmon meat and etc in it, it looked nice but aint nice to sip. my friend ate something like "escargos" and he stopped eating after taking the first bite omg. so we kinda wasted 2 plates. there wasnt much varieties also, i sat there for an hour and saw only 1 cucumber maki on the belt (prolly we were sitting far from the chef). on the brighter side tamago sushi, glazed unagis, desserts and etc were great. if you are a fan of sashimis there is quite a few types of em besides salmon sashimis. plates going at $1.50++ea, quantities>varieties imo, my suggestion is to go for Nihon Mura at Cineleisure instead as varieties>quantities and $1.50++ea too. #sushiexpress #sushi #japanese #japfood #lunch