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Taking over the former grounds of Sabio Tapas Bar at Duxton Hill is Soufflé; a new concept by the same folks (Delicae Hospitality Management Group) behind Sabio by The Sea, L'Entrecote, Glasshouse by DHM, Ange Cafe and & Made Burger Bar that focuses on savoury and sweet soufflés, as well as casseroles. An item that comes with a local twist, the Laksa Souffle is something that is pretty unique and creative, fusing a local element with the soufflé. The savoury soufflé here comes with a slightly different flavour profile as compared to the sweet ones; noticeably saltfish, but still pretty neutral in flavour, the soufflé was light and airy whilst being consistently so within — fluffy and cloud-like. Within the soufflé are bits of prawn for a bit of bite; the prawns coming with its natural sweetness — pretty fresh. It comes with a Laksa sauce on the side; strong, punchy notes of rempah spices that is all familiar, also coming with bits of prawn to evoke that local feel into the western classic. A dish worth trying at least once.