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Alittle tashi’s grilled lamb ribs ($26++) was probably the least aesthetically pleasant dish that nice, but it was arguably the most delicious dish on the table that night.

Marinated in mint yogurt, these ribs are slow cooked for 6 hours before being plated alongside a serving of pickled beetroot. The result is outstandingly juicy and tremendously tender meat that slides off the bone with its semi gelatinous fat. It’s mildly gamey, not quite enough to be off-putting, and the flavors within are moderate. There’s a nice bit of char, which lends a nice bit of smokiness to these tender ribs.

These lamb ribs might not be the most radical, reality altering ribs in existence, but they’re addictive enough to eliminate the concept of a ‘paiseh’ piece and result in a hunger game over the last luscious lamb rib.