Located in a hawker center smack in the middle of a light industrial estate in Ang Mo Kio, parking is a problem, especially during lunch. So I feel this hawker center is mainly catering to staff working in the industrial estate.

I arrived at 10.30 and ordered a standard bowl of dry mee kia for $5.50. Asked for lard bits because there were none in the teaspoon of lard oil added.

The mee Kia was a failure. Not al dente or springy, it was borderline soggy. The chilli sauce was also not spectacular, lacking in heat and flavours. The three pieces of sliced pork and liver were okay, not over cooked. The few slices of braised mushroom were sweetish. Wouldn’t mind them if the chilli sauce was either more tangy or savoury. Be aware that the portion of noodles is very small. So please consider to pay extra for extra noodles. The extra lard bits did help to add more flavours to noodles that was otherwise unremarkable.

I would have written off this bowl of minced pork noodles if it wasn’t for the soup. The very first spoonful brought a burst of flavours. Umami and smokiness coming from the Tee Por fish, plus the robust flavours of pork. I think the owner knows how much his soup is valued because there is a sign at the stall asking for extra charge if you ask for extra soup.

Great soup but not enough to entice me to come again.