So far, I have only tried 2 tonkatsu specialized restaurants in Singapore. One being Tonkichi @ Takayshimaya and another being Ma Maison @ Mandarin Orchard. I would say Ma Maison would be the better of the two, with both in the same price range.

Ma Maison @ Mandarin Orchard has the fresher and more juicy cuts of the pork. We also tried their fried oyster, it’s super good, must-try! They are also very generous with small food items such as free flow rice, tea, condiments and complimentary desserts. Accompanied with a very serene and classy atmosphere, I just say this outlet would be my fave out of all. The service is also top-notched and professional. Ya know, overall just makes you feel like a queen and king walking out of the (fine-dining kinda) restaurant. Satisfactory!

Price: $30/pax
Rating: 9/10