Pretty much a space of a collaborative nature, Culture Spoon is a spot that hosts multiple F&B brands under one roof that operates from their premises at different timings with Cultured Backyard serving up cakes and pastries, Quarter Life Coffee Roasters serving specialty coffee, The Tea Affair serving up tea, and with Wok with Man, Mamilani Home Cook and Luci’s Kitchen al at helm in the kitchen for hot food all at separate days and timings of the week.

We visited Culture Spoon mid-day for dessert and coffee — found ourselves being pretty much spoilt for choice since all the bakes looked so good. Settled for the Black Sesame Tang Yuan — an entremet that features white chocolate, black sesame and chocolate-coated rice pops; the white chocolate mousse on the outside coats the black sesame mousse within, with the former being just aptly sweet and compliments the roasty black sesame mousse within that carries just quite the oomph without being particularly heaty. The chocolate-coated rice pops beneath provide a good crunch for a variance of textures against the smooth textures atop.

Must say that despite being a spot that serves up quite a variety of food, the desserts selection at Culture Spoon is certainly worth the visit alone — we were equally impressed with the neat Chestnut Shortcake; a cake that features light pastry cream similar to a Strawberry Shortcake that takes inspiration from the Mont Blanc with distinct layers of chestnut mousse and sponge cake with nibs of chestnut for a firm bite. We also came across a choux puff that was on display during our visit there — something which I would most certainly make a revisit for considering my love of choux puffs.