I wanted to turn the burger around to get a better profile shot, but look at those crossed arms...hangry husband alert! I took just one shot and let him devour his chicken burger. I didn't even get to taste some. Boo. It looks good though. It's got real chicken fillet, not a patty.

We only took one bite of the mash potato because it was tasteless. There's not even a taste of potato, so having the gravy or adding pepper could not solve the problem. The BBQ baked beans was the opposite - tasty and moreish. Even after feeling full from our mains, we nibbled on the baked beans till it was all gone.

You can choose 2 sides when you order a grilled steak/fish/chicken. If you get them à la carte like we did, it's $2.50 each and you get a bigger serving (I think, judging from photos).