Hoover Egg Tart Cookie Skin ($2.30) | Hoover Egg Tart with Pastry Skin ($2.30) | Kam Kee Pineapple Bun Butter ($2.80) | Kam Kee Pineapple Bun Luncheon Meat ($2.80) | Kam Kee HK Milk Tea ($3.80)

Egg tart - just disappointment!!! I would usually go for the pastry skin, but this party skin is so MEH. The cookie skin is more flavourful - that being said, the taicheong ones are still better. In terms of the texture and the flavour for both pastry and cookie skin.

Bolo buns - honestly not the best I’ve tried... SO GOOD BAKERY has comparable bolo buns that are cheaper, and w/o the queue.

Milk tea - pricey. Would not get this again.

The food is so disappointing. Thank god we came early and didn’t have to queue for this. Would have been more annoyed if we had to queue for this disappointing food 👎🏻😾