We came here intending to try the fish head steamboat but it was way too pricey for us! It was $48-$58, and the company I had weren’t big eaters Nor prepared to spend that amount of money. So we decided to go with the Curry Fish Head. For $24, I think the portion was reasonably good. The fish was meaty, there were a fair amount of vegetables and taupok in it. The gravy was light, slightly spicy, with a tinge of coconut taste. However, I do think think that there is much more space for the flavour of the gravy to be elevated, especially because the fish meat was really plain and tasteless for some reason. I understand that the fish may be steamed, and then added with the gravy, but the meat really didn’t have any taste at all, which kind of undermined the whole experience. Even when eaten with the curry, the blandness of the fish was still quite apparent. Nonetheless, I thought it was decent, but the whole menu was genuinely on the pricier side considering service and ambience.