Was feeling a little indulgent so I decided to get the Kaisen don combo and with just a top up of a little over $3 I got to enjoy some extra unagi with my fav Kaisen salad which again, didn’t disappoint with the freshness and quantity for its pretty affordable price 💯 love it that everything’s just in nett prices at Teppei! And it’s great that the Asia square outlet has this combo option to make up for my regret for not being able to DIY my don bcos the DIY outlets were a little more out of the way for me. Already foreseeing myself going back real soon for the combo, maybe with the tamago as the add on this time 😋 also tried their ebi and pork katsus for the first time and they were just the way I like my katsu, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.. just take my calories! 🤤

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