SMU KIDS BE SLEEPING ON HONG SENG CURRY RICE!! Idk why SMU kids don’t rly patronise this place but it’s so underrated and good I’ve been having it since I was Y1!!

Here are my recommendations of what you should order:
- braised cabbage is super and rly tasty
- braised egg is not overcooked and goes rly well w the rice
- curry sauce - pls don’t get the mix sauce because it really DILUTES how thick and spicy the curry sauce is.
- for meats, the har cheong gai, crispy chicken cutlet or pork belly is the best. I find that their signature pork chops are actually rly tough and dry...
- chilli sauce - SPICY, a bit tangy and very tasty, it used to be in a squeeze bottle but with COVID now you have to request for it!