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How was the plant based Beyond burger? Yes, it was good for the novelty. I love food trucks and love the vibe here, but for $10, seems like they only cooked the patty and bun....

As a meat lover, this was overall ok. I was very surprised by how half the burger felt warm and the other cold. The patty, when eaten alone, didn’t have much taste. The sauce, however, went well with the patty. Texture and color was also not close enough to beef. It had ok chewiness but not what I wanted in a beef patty, not dense enough? Color was very very red as well. Also, the veggies were not cooked so the onions were too raw for me. the veggies made the patty cold too quickly. And the cheese was mild in flavor and kept breaking into small pieces. Melted cheese in a burger please!!!!

Will be back to try the Asian burger tomorrow. #futurefood #plantbasedburger #beyondburger #alternativeprotein #drklingeats #stillprefermeatpatties #culturedmeat #wheredoesyourfoodcomefrom #grandhyattsg #mezza9sg

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