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Thinking of where to spend your long weekend this week? 🙌🏻
Head down to the ulu yet worth-travelling/in-thing @ Habitat by Honestbee! Besides being the world’s 1st fully tech-enabled grocery store, it’s surprisingly also a modern food paradise!! 😋
Featuring both of it’s most popular item on the menu there — 🐟🍟Captain Snapper’s Fish & Chips ($14.90) and 🥞 Poofy Japanese Pancakes ($14)!! Totally would go back for the Fish&Chips which was really well-seasoned with its crispy golden batter, fresh and definitely filling 👍🏻 Souffle pancakes were extremely fluffy and light but we were so full from the Fish&Chips, so be sure to share the pancake love with more people 🤗

Expected damage: ~$10 per pax
Ambience: 4.5/5
Food Rating: 8/10

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