If you work around the Suntec area, there’s a chance you’ve walked by Kimchi Korean Restaurant a hundred times and always written it off as just another mediocre Korean restaurant. But you’re wrong. This is the perfect place — massive seating space that's chic and comfortable too — to kick back with some friends over some beers while going hard on some Dduk-Bok-ki (rice cake stews). If your group is made up seafood-lovers, order the Haemul Nakgi Dduk-Bok-Ki ($48.90)(seafood octopus in rice cake stew) that comes with a whole octopus (thankfully it’s not live). The massive tray of ingredients like luncheon ham, rice cakes, mussels and instant noodle may look little, but it feeds a hungry bunch of four very comfortably. Be sure to add the bonito flakes into the soup early on — it gives the soup an irresistibly umami flavour! Pro tip: Help yourself to the free flow of side-dishes — the delicious pickled radish helps to undo the spiciness of the soup!

Avg price: $15 per person
Photo by Burppler Hwans Lim