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If you enjoy hot pot, you'll like this twist — steam pot. Instead of using fire, Steam Box uses high speed steam to cook your food, and in the process seals in all the natural sweetness of the ingredients. It also prevents food from being overcooked. Each item on the menu has its own colored plate, which indicates how long it should be steamed. We recommend starting with Porridge A ($15) — century egg, pork ribs and cooked rice that is placed at the base of the pot. A porous metal lid is then placed over the top of the pot, on which you can place the ingredients. Eat the porridge after cooking everything else — this ensures all the flavours have seeped in. Noteworthy orders include Chef's Marinated Minced Pork with Salted Fish ($4.50 for small, $9 for large), Chef's Marinated Bamboo Clam ($18 for two) and the Chunky Premium Pumpkin ($5). Pair that with delicious dipping sauces like the housemade sambal sauce and black pepper meat sauce.
Avg price: $30 per person
Photo by Burppler SG Food On Foot