I tried the Tomato Sukiyaki Hamburg Claypot Set ($21.90) which came with a prime beef Hamburg stewed with French beans, cabbage, mushroom, tomato and tofu in a tomato based broth. The Hamburg is soft and juicy, and it soaks up the tangy, spicy and sweet sauce which goes well with rice.

Every Hamburg set comes with an amazing free-flow salad bar with a wide range of vegetables, dressings, potato and noodle salads, as well as an impressive egg station that offers tamagoyaki, scrambled eggs, sunny side up and hard boiled egg. The variety of food is very generous and most of the items are delicious.

For such price point, quality of food and portion size, Hamburg Steak Keisuke is definitely one of the most value-for-money places you can visit when you are in the mood to feast!

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