A cup of kopi or milo for my case, and a serving of their signature kaya toast is all I need to make my morning from good to perfect.

Not just any other toast, Good Morning Nanyang Cafe’s upgraded version uses ciabatta bread which was crisp, fluffy and soft - everything a toast should be and more. Served with “rustic” kaya, the regular ciabatta toast had a fantastic texture, delightfully light and crumbly on the outside but ultra soft on the inside. For something a little more unique and a twist to the usual breakfast staple, look no further and go for their Orange Ciabatta toast with a chewy bite. Hit with a pleasant zesty aroma, the bread is baked with caramelised orange peel which work surprisingly well together with the eggy fragrance of their kaya. The element of citrus may have overpowered the homemade jam but provided instant gratification as you can taste the bits of orange.

Many thanks to Crave Singapore for organizing last weekend’s kaya tour, and to Burpple for the invite!