Macpherson minced meat noodle has shifted many times, last time I had it, it was at opal crescent(serangoon road). It then moved to marsilling.

Well, Macpherson minced meat noodle have since shifted back to its namesake, it is now located at the head of Macpherson road near tai thong crescent.

Just like back at opal, expect a long queue during lunch time.

Decided to have the $7(dish & noodle) set.

The noodles still just as good, it was very QQ, and has pork lard and braised mushroom in it.

But the lean meat must be the best I ever had in a BCM stall, its soft like shabu shabu. The soup is quite good as well, taste better when mix with chilli padi.

They close early too, by 2pm or when sold out.

So don't come too late. Have early lunch here.

I came at 12pm and already run out of pork liver.