We decided giving the Nebula series a try because these balls looked out of this world. I liked the vanilla chantilly, it wasn’t too sweet and went well with the white sponge. Unfortunately the taste of chestnut in the chestnut cream didn’t stand out in this pastry despite its name - I tasted more of the apple compote, making this taste more like an apple nebula - still delicious though. I guess chestnut is quite a mild, mellow taste in general.

The combination of the sweetness from the fruits and cream, accompanied by the saltiness from the chocolate sable base, was pretty good. I enjoyed this pastry, although I wish the taste of chestnut could be slightly stronger (or just don’t call it a chestnut nebula and get my hopes up).

Worth a try once in awhile, when you’re in the mood for good quality pastries and willing to fork out the extra money for it.