Tbh I was still hungry before this course, but this course filled me up. The yolk is quite jelat that's why, but rich in flavour and worth the jelatness

Cured yolk, watercress? sauce, red wine sauce, A4 tenderloin.

Red wine sauce was full bodied, as expected of a self-respecting french establishment. The cured yolk on its own is not very pleasant, but magic happens when you mix everything (as they advise you to do). It's a gorgeous interpretation of sukiyaki, you really have the essence of the yolk taste in sukiyaki.

There's one more component that sticks out like a sore thumb, the chevril root puree. It's really sweet so it doesn't pair well but it's interesting on its own, it's sticky and the texture is very different from other purees, it's almost like pureed marshmallow to me. I enjoyed taking little nibbles of the liquid marshmallow

Wagyu tenderloin was great too. When you bite into it the signature flavour of wagyu fat comes thru, but seeing as tenderloin is a lean cut, this wasnt overly fatty and is a proper steak, just very tender muscle.

Signature for a reason, this was really good, definitely worth the topup

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