Man, this pseudo CB that we are in right now makes me miss the skewers I had at Taan just last month. Utilised my Burpple Beyond deal and got 60 sticks to share among a group of 5 which was more than enough. This was the perfect place for bar grub, offering a great variety of skewers with different seasonings. Had initially thought this was a Japanese stall from all the Kirin, sake and Highball that I see on their drinks menu (yes, drinks are my priority) but found out they were more of a fusion, what with the skewers tasting akin to Chinese lok lok.

The skewers here are pretty bold in flavour and thirst inducing, as the sodium in each skewer were pretty high. Nevertheless, since they were prepared over a charcoal grill, they were still an oily, delicious mess that I'd happily devour.