Date visited:2/6/2018 (Sat, 12:50pm)

There was a short queue of about 4-5 people. Waited for 15 mins or so.

Buah keras chilli that was used to season the noodles was good; packs a punch. Noodles was perfectly cooked; springy.
(But my parents who frequented the stall said they can be inconsistent in their cooking of the noodles; overcooked at time. Things are not the same after someone else took over. Not too sure. Maybe someone can verify?).
Amount of noodles seem a bit much for an average Asian lady's appetite tho.
But wish noodles was a tad more salty. Just a tad more. Noodles was a bit oily because of the chilli as well.

The small pieces of flat fish that came with the noodles were awesome!
Mushroom was ok, had a peculiar rubberband taste (just me, maybe?)
Fish cake fresh but taste wise, pretty average.

Accompanying soup was bland, but that's not the highlight anyway.
Fishballs bouncy and fresh but a bit bland; I consider them average.
Fish dumplings (aka her kiao) were very good! They added tee por to them. 👍

Noodles with the chilli is the highlight.
If you wanna top up and get the side dishes, the flat fish is the one to get.
The (handmade) fish dumplings are way better than the fishballs.

Ordered the following:
1) 2X Dried Mee Kia (came with a soup; 2 fishballs & 2 fish dumplings aka 'her kiao')
2) 1X Mushroom ($3)
3) 1X Fishcake ($3)
Total cost:$14