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💵: $14.90

📈: 7.5/10

🤔: My go-to place whenever I'm craving for Jjamppong. Not entirely sure what noodle is used, it looks like spaghetti, but is chewy and holds the sauce/soup well while still having an al dente texture. The cha-ppong - which is really just jjamppong - is a must get; noodles in a spicy thick broth (with wok hei, might I add) and seafood. Love the addition of quail eggs, because quail eggs are always yummy. Other than there, there is also seafood: mussels, prawns and squid. Mussels are okay, but I'm not much of a fan. Prawns are bouncy, but definitely the frozen kind, and the squid is a bit too chewy. Ultimately, I'm just really into it due to the thick, spicy, wok-hei broth and the chewy noodles and not as much into the seafood.