A spot that I can say that I have been returning to every week, but it is still a rare occasion when I find myself sharing a main here instead of just having the pastries here — after all, there are mains such as the Curried Chicken Wrap and the Oven Baked Molten Eggs on Tortilla and Melted Cheese that I have been craving for, but there are always plans to have something else after the visit here.

Sounding like a rather simple dish that can be easily assembled by most in their kitchen, this also a dish that exemplifies the philosophy behind Brawn & Brains — their food always comes simple, but well-executed without being over-the-top; just straight up comforting brunch fare that warms the soul. The open face toast here comes with melted cheese over the top; stretchy and savoury, whilst complimenting the crusty and rustic slice of toast beneath it. Cherry tomatoes can be found hiding in the midst of the melted cheese — perhaps an attempt to use its zestiness to cut through the cheesiness and the carbs. Topped off with grilled bacon, the grilled bacon carries a hint of saltish flavour typical of cured meat, alongside an evident smokiness that I so ever love about their bacon here — absolutely sinful yet delicious; very few other establishments does their bacon this way. The Onsen Egg comes with a satisfying jiggle and a molten egg yolk; one could choose to dab it on the toast, or pair it with the garden salad if they so wish to that gives the salad a luscious texture and an eggy flavour, while the edamame is something that provides for a more wholesome feel for those with bigger appetites.

I think I have said enough over the years, but every visit that I have their mains and I would say that I have been neglecting their hot food offerings for quite a bit — the stuff here feels great to revisit for something I know will be satisfying, and especially rewarding to have after going around many other establishments be it cafes, bistro, restaurants and hawkers to just try what others have to offer. Reminds me that I have still yet to try the Fried Chicken Burger that is only available at their East Coast Road outlet!