The slow fire ensures that the meat is not overly cooked and liquefying the tomalley aka head butter. The recommended way to eat it is to pull apart the head, turn it upside down and get all the natural head butter juices onto the plate which you eat it together with the prawn meat. The head butter gives it the luxurious touch as it lends a certain sweetness and buttery-ness to the overall flavour.

No meal is complete with having more seafood presented to you and this time round, Chef Patrick presets the other courses such as the kinmedai that’s topped with grilled fish scales, served with a lemon butter sauce; an assorted seafood broth that’s cooked in sake, butter and garlic; a steamed rice with Hokkaido king crab that’s mixed in with an onsen egg. The latter is a very comforting dish as the egg white is used to steam with the king crab and the resulting juices/essence from the steaming process flows into the rice while the egg yolk is added at the last part. Last but not least, a bowl of soul comforting fish soup, that has been simmering with the fish bones for 8-10 hours is served as a curtain call.
Tamashii Restaurant
Address: 12, North Canal Road, Unit 02-01, Singapore 048825
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