Meet the CreatureS Laksa, looking all beautiful and classy with its head dress of cucumber strips and served with a golden spoon. I had high expectations of this but alas! Beyond the beautiful facade, there wasn't much else to hold it up, especially at SGD 24++. The Good: Refreshing Cucumbers, Tasty Chicken Meat, No cockles (I dislike cockles in my Laksa so this is a plus point for me, could be a negative for cockles fans though). The In-Between: Decent Laksa Broth that is lighter, less spicy and less oily than the usual ones (I prefer mine the usual way though some might prefer this), Decent Vermicelli. The Let Down: Tasteless Tau Pok, Lackluster prawns, Laksa broth that was too little as it was all soaked up by the vermicelli halfway through the meal. For me, a bowl of Laksa is all about the Tau Pok and broth, therefore this is really not for me. IMO, a bowl of SGD 3 nett Laksa served at the coffee shop near my house tasted better. But do not write off CreatureS just yet. Come here for the ambience and excellent service and their duck and pear salad. Just avoid the overpriced laksa unless you are a foreigner and would like to try Laksa at a nice restaurant and is afraid of it being too spicy or too strong.