A m a z i n g 💝💖 what I love most about their baos/bread is that they are not like any other commercial bread out there; By that I mean they do not taste as if they contained an amount of sugar that would've otherwise spiked your blood sugar like cray and leave you feeling like you ate a bag of sweets 😞 This, I genuinely love ♥️. The hues though seemingly questionable at first sight, tastes heavenly the moment you take a bite and taste them because you could taste a hint of that carrot from the orange hue, the charcial from the black, etc.. I feel proud enough to say that I will be happy to continue supporting them because they've found a differentiation, truly unique compared to the rest, for they're not afraid to choose to not load food with too much sugar that would leave you "hooked"; It is a differentiation that I view as caring for your customers' health, something that I've been trying to find in this f&b space and I am glad @justdoughsg has just done that.