One of the most impressive cheese platters I have ever seen!!! Really brimming with luscious produce. This is the lush signature board for cheese & charcuterie selection. Just look at how massive the board is! Unfortunately, these boards are on loan and have to be returned.

For this platter, it includes:

1. Five artisan cheeses:
- Compte
- Gouda with truffle
- Brillât savarin with truffle
- St Agur
- Camembert
2. Charcuterie (variety of pork and/or beef coldcuts)
3. Freshly baked bread
- fruit loaf
- pretzel
4. Wholesome dips:
- Hummus
- Guacamole
5. Assorted gourmet crackers
- 3 types! So good with the dips!
6. Roasted and spiced nuts
7. Premium chocolate
8. Fresh and dried fruit
- Passionfruit
- Fresh Figs
- Raspberries
- Blackberries
- Grapes
- Red Kiwi
- Blueberries
- Cherries
- Strawberries
- Dried apricots
9. Olives, cornichons and pickles
10. Vine tomatoes
11. Quince paste
12. Herbs and flowers for both decoration and consumption

Good combination of cheese, ranging from the textures and taste. Not the cheapest cheese platter, but definitely one of the most comprehensive and pretty looking one!! This platter has certainly set the bar very high for cheese platters 😋