It was nice to have a chocolate-themed dessert café around the neighbourhood, for some would say that the chocolate is the best elixir for eternal happiness. It was definitely not a tall order here, given that all guests would be greeted with the ice cream freezer and the smell of waffles in the making.

While other ice cream flavours would give the Ice Cream Sandwich with Homemade Chocolat Cookie (S$6.00) more visual appeal, I went ahead to pair it with their signature Africa 85% Dark Chocolat ice cream. Although the cocoa content sounded really high, it did not taste bitter at all, so I assumed that it was a healthier option somewhat.

Back to the cookie that they had used. Much as the cookie was thick and had this chewy texture, I felt that I had a hard time figuring out how to enjoy them properly, because the whole dessert was definitely too big to fit into the mouth. In fact, I also had some trouble with breaking the cookie with cutleries without fearing that something would fly out of the plate. Hence, eating this dessert like two bruschetta might have made the most sense, but that would not sound like having a sandwich after all.