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Unlike the more commonly found Tsukemen where noodles are dipped into a hot, rich, pork based gravy, Afuri's tsukemen is accompanied by a kind of soy based, clear dipping sauce that is room temperature. So those who prefer their food piping hot should take note to avoid the dry version! I do like my food cold or at room temp, but I found the dipping sauce rather salty, with no taste of spice or yuzu. I much preferred the spicy yuzu soup ramen that I had last week with its thinner noodles and clear but tasty broth.
💡: you MUST like the tangy citrus taste of yuzu to appreciate their signature soup base. It's not the typical tonkotsu ramen shop you find in SG offering pork based soup with rich mouthfeel.
💡💡: chilli lovers should avoid this place. They do not have any chilli condiments (no oil, pepper or cut chilli) and the spicy versions of their ramen (both dry and soup) are not spicy at all.