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$9.90 // to be honest, i felt quite meh to mild disappointment in this dish. the soup was fine and enough to satisfy my vietnamese food cravings, with the classic vietnamese flavour so can't really go wrong there (and neither should they, considering they specialize in vietnamese food!!!!). i felt like the choice of noodles (lao shu fen / thick, short white noodles) was a little weird and didnt go as well with a classic vietnamese dish (would have expected the flat rice noodles) and if they're marketing themselves as an authentic vietnamese eatery, shouldn't they remain authentic in all the components of their dish???? what was such a letdown was the ingredients!! don't call your dish a CRAB noodle soup if you are giving one or two meagre pieces of crab meat. could barely find any, and when i did, they were so tiny (about 1cm???) and the prawns added were alright, not super fresh or big and only 3 pieces. they gave 2 pieces of a pork and mushroom(?) meatball thing which i found weird since it wasn't on the menu as well, so was surprised to see it there lol. overall, either they give more ingredients, or tag the dish at a cheaper price !! (what a letdown lol)

the good thing about this place was the decor lol. sitting there made me feel like i was transported to a night market in a southeast asian country, so props for that