I swear I only ordered the Teys Riverine ribeye. But then, out walked Chef Shaun bearing this massive wooden board. On it was not just my steak and my friend's order of an AACo ribeye but a complimentary piece of Black Angus too; each weighing in at 200gms. Lined up along one side of the board was an eye-popping myriad of condiments that included a new truffle paste, The Betterfield's signature truffled mayo and assorted salts of the exotic type. As per his usual style, Chef Shaun briskly did his "fire-blasting" final touch to the meats at the table. After that, there was no stopping our attack.

I was really happy to have had this opportunity to taste all three types of beef at one go. It was a great way to learn how to tell the subtle differences between each kind and also to discover my favourite. As it turns out, the Black Angus with its pronounced "beefy" flavour appealed the most to me. Coming in at second place was the Teys Riverine and finally, the AACo. The reason I ranked the latter last is because it was the mildest tasting in my opinion. Which means it would suit those of you who don't like meats with a strong flavour. Having said that, I must declare their differences were minute and only by alternating between bites of each beef could I discern them, and even then, it took a lot of concentration. Interestingly, my friend had a different opinion. He ranked the Teys Riverine as number one, followed by the AACo and then, the Black Angus. It just goes to show how we all have different tastes! 😄

FYI: The Betterfield will be moving out of their present location around the middle of April. So if you want to savour some seriously good value steaks, or dig into one of their fabulous risottos, do make time to go very soon.