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Perhaps the more interesting new item in the menu has got to be the Signature Assorted Xiao Long Bao ($9.30) which has been given a modern interpretation by having unique flavours such as Salted Egg, Chilli Crab and Truffle, besides the Original.

The other new dishes in this new extensive selection include the Wuxi deep-fried white bait in a sweet tangy sauce ($8.80), braised eggplant in a special sauce that’s very “mala-ish” due to the Szechuan pepper ($8.30) and a sautéed colourful vegetable assortment dish ($15.80) that has black fungus, honey beans, cashew nuts, celery and ginkgo nuts; and this particular dish is very similar to your yam ring minus the yam. For a much filling main, you can get the fried mixed white and brown grain rice in claypot ($14.80) before finishing with a pan-fried red bean banana pancake ($6.80)
Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
Address: 391, Orchard Road, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Unit B2-36A, Singapore 238872