Poke Doke was a surprised and unintended find as I carried out a quick search to find poke bowls.

Hidden at Millenia Walk, the shop was unassuming and cheerfully decorated with a beach theme. The feature wall decorated with paper leaves, tables with seashells and sand encased, high chairs and tables, and the mascot greets you as you soak in the beach vibes right smack in the middle of down town.

$14.90 for two poke flavour was a luxury for people who love to taste everything and can't make up our minds.
Peppered with cherry tomatoes, edamame, seaweed, lined by lettuce and then topped with seasoned salmon and tuna, the bowl was filled to the brim with goodness. The salmon was well seasoned, fresh and firm in its texture. The tuna enhanced the dining experience alongside by contrasting well with the strong taste of the salmon.

Value for money
My companion was completely delighted with the good food quality and the value for money. He repeatedly squealed with excitement and complimented the bowls for bringing the joy and refreshment that the posters in the shop promised.

The place's layout, decoration, quality and pricing of food definitely attract me to come back again. At this time, I wish that no one could find out about this place so that I can come back to satisfy my poke cravings without queuing for a Long time.