umbled upon this humble ice cream shop Apiary. It's usually really crowded and the queue is super long(about 1hr30min wait) from 7pm onwards so I don't want to queue. However, I was nearby in the afternoon and decided to give it go!

Its cosy ambience makes me want to stay immediately. I ordered a charcoal waffle (6.50) and 2 scoops of ice cream, hojicha and apiary.
The waffle is really flavourful and is of a decent size. However, its a bit dense compared to other ice cream cafes.

The hojicha flavour was really good. The creamy texture of the ice cream and strong tea flavour really complements each other. However this is on the exp side of $6 a scoop being ultra premium flavour.

The Apiary flavour was good as well! Not being to sweet and mixed with hazelnuts just makes you want to eat on more! ($4.80)
Overall this place is worth coming back again. Just try to avoid the long queues at peak periods!