In certain shopping malls of Singapore, there will be this 'chapalang' food kiosk that sells your childhood favourite of tutu kueh, muahchee, corn kernels in a cup, and steamed rice cake on top of their supposed speciality of rice dumplings. Eastern Rice Dumpling is one of them (Daun Pandan Rice Dumpling is the other) and they have popiahs too!

• The skin is actually not bad, has a bit of chew to it

• Sadly, it became a bad popiah real quick as the skin and crispy bits got soaked through quite fast, resulting in a limp roll.
• Insufficient peanuts to save the soft popiah, and lacking peanut fragrance too
• Slightly too much pepper in the turnips
• Terribly cut (in fact, I think the auntie used a scissors)
• Overpriced ($2.20/roll) for such quality

Verdict: 1/5

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