Papi's Tacos:
Must book 2-3 days in advance. If cheaper, it be more worth it. Like maybe each taco is $10 better. Felt like they didn't even enter my digestive system tho. Experience was good but not substantial to justify the price.
1) Tacos De Suadero(Beef Brisket,$20) - 7.25/10 Wrap is soft, beef brisket is nice. Lime and onions compliment the beef,giving tanginess.
2) Tacos De Pescado(Fish,$20) - 7/10 Dory fish is gd choice. Sauce is gd. Flour is chewy.
3) Tacos De Chorizo(Spiced Sausage,$20) - 7/10 Like the Mexican spiciness. Flavorful. Meaty.