The Mister’s very own Middle-eastern Izakaya joint along Haji Lane, now delivering to your doorstep during this pandemic. Visually, now that I’ve laid them all out, his food seem to reflect the vibrant colours of the art murals along Haji Lane.
Everything was super yum and my favourites were the:
- Mentaiko Taramasalata Dip, XO, housemade labne, briny sweet tobiko, crispy shallots
- Roasted Brussels Sprouts, banging Kinnogomadare sauce, red cabbage pickles, jalapeños, bonito
- Burrata di puglia, ashtray tomatoes, yuzu, daikon salsa, basil oil
- Stockyard’s angus ribeye 300g, mechoui rubbed, garlic ponzu jus, fresh wombok slaw

$10 islandwide delivery